Have a Digital Arabic Content idea? Here's your chance to accelerate your idea to market!


Join us for a 2-day hackathon, sponsored by TURN8 seed accelerator program. TURN8 is seeking innovative digital media and business models that enhance the Arabic content on the Internet and can be developed in a 120-day seed accelerator in Dubai, UAE. Winning idea will PRE-QUALIFY for USD30,000 in equity funding from TURN8! At this special 2-day event, you will have the opportunity to: - Develop your technology business idea on digital Arabic content - Form a team and work together - Meet and connect with other creative people from all around the world - Attend business and technical trainings led by industry experts - Win prizes from our sponsors - Pitch at the end to pre-qualify for TURN8 seed accelerator in Dubai * Food and T-shirts will be provided * Bring your laptop with you Themes:

We are looking for innovative business or technology ideas on digital Arabic content, including: * Arabic digital media, web or mobile applications * Arabic education and e-learning enhancements * Arabic social media innovations * Creative e-commerce solutions for the Arabic market All ideas should target Arabic-speaking audience world-wide.

"According to various estimates, less than 1% of total global online content is in Arabic and less than 0.2% of global digital content is hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, although native Arabic speakers represent about 4.5% of the world population.” - The Guardian.

Happy coding!