7 Startups Graduated at Turn8 Demo Day

It is that time again! Turn8 Demo Day @Grosvenor house was vibrant with 7 graduating startups at different levels. Startup leaders delivered great presentations and all of them were focused on consumers tackling problems differently, but typically following the same marketplace business model. Startups are listed in more details below. The presentation debuted with a Keynote Speech by David Silverstein, CEO BMGI, and closed by a super fun magician entertainment act.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.50.08 AM.png

Startups are listed below, along with our attempt to describe the company in just a few words.

1- Presella: Event management Technology Startup with a primary focus on paperless e-ticketing on web and mobile adding capabilities like risk-free events by crowd-sourcing an event.

2- Paaltao: A market place for buying and selling quality handicrafts, natural & vintage products online. They focus on india market and built an embassador model to onboard quality crafters.

3- Swappaholics: A platform that connects individual and businesses to swap products, skills and services in a social setting.

4- Keepvision: It is an app that is able to identify early symptoms of kid's eye disease and suggest users to visit eye care providers for more advanced examinations.

5- Melltoo: a great mobile marketplace that provides and easy way to communicate, buy and sell items in a social manner. Melltoo facilitates the buying and selling process by managing payments, pick-up and delivery with guarantees for both buyers and sellers.

6- Paack: A mobile app solution for two hour eCommerce delivery. We connect omni-retailers' stores in major cities with Paack´s convenient delivery fleet in order to create the fastest eCommerce delivery solution available in Europe.

7- NextMart: Web & Mobile app allowing consumers to order goods from their trusted local neighborhood supermarkets.

Best of luck for all startups looking for additional funding. Keep up the hardwork Turn8.

Happy Coding!