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Fourth Round TURN8 Graduates Prepare for Demo Day

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The fourth Investor Demo Day has been announced by TURN8, the seed accelerator for technology entrepreneurs initiated by DP World. The event will be held on 13th June, 2015 and will showcase businesses from Round 4 of the program that educates, mentors and provides seed funding to innovative startups from around the world.

HE Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, DP World Chairman, said: “Dubai and the UAE are a great example of how innovation drives trade - which powers economic development. Our leaders have always been innovators and it is part of our DNA. We are following the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to look for creative and innovative people and offer them the support they need in order to turn their ideas into actual projects. DP World is committed to the UAE’s strategy as a knowledge based economy, as detailed in the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.

“As a company, we have an innovative mindset and a priority for us is to encourage creative thinking, supporting young talent to drive the future.Turn8 is an example of how we are contributing to our communities in which we operate and by nurturing entrepreneurship we are developing an innovative culture and our greatest asset, creative people who can shape the future for generations to come.

“With Turn8 we are bringing young people from all over the world in front of investors. This is part of our commitment to the UAE’s commitment to contribute to human knowledge for future generations and one of the great examples of that is the UAE’s Mission to Mars 2020.”

Yousif Al Mutawa, Chief Information Officer, DP World, and TURN8 Program Director, said: “The goal of TURN8 is to bring innovative entrepreneurs to Dubai and the world. We offer an education that you will not find in many universities that is backed by a growing community of successful entrepreneurs and investors who mentor, train and help bring these new businesses to life. To be part of this endeavor is truly life-changing.”

In the two years since its inception, TURN8 has trained and graduated more than two dozen startups whose founders came to Dubai from across the UAE, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Each team is offered training and coaching for four months to help them hone their business idea and to understand the basics of launching and running a new business.

The startups who are graduating from Round 4 of TURN8 will present to investors and members of the media on demo day. They will demonstrate a variety of solutions for consumers and businesses including:

· A mobile app for vision testing of children and early diagnostics.

· An interactive e-commerce portal for trading and barter.

· An event management platform that brings paperless e-ticketing to the Middle East and Africa region (MENA)

· A taxi delivery service from retailers for at-home shoppers

· A Web app that connects gamers for skill-based matches

· A peer-to-peer marketplace for buying from craftsmen and artisans

· A peer-to-peer social network for buying and selling second-hand items

· A mobile app that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect people offline

· A multiplatform solution for browsing and ordering from nearby markets

· A mobile app that uses Big Data to improve ride sharing for travellers and commuters

The upcoming TURN8 Investor Demo Day will be held in the Windsor Ballroom at Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina. For more information, visit


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