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HackaMena 2015 Kicks off with Great Enthusiasm


The first HackaMena took place this month, and to say that it was a success is an understatement!

The facts and figures of HackaMena 2015:

72 Hours

60 Participants

12 Teams

12 Challenges

6 Judges

1 Goal - Social Impact

Each team had 5 minutes to pitch their idea, and that was followed by 2 and half minutes of Q&A. The teams were:

  • Takalam: What problems can technology solve for 400m in MENALack of visibility of youth habits in ME.

Provides answers to social questions

Open discussion platform

Emotional incentive driven survey

Tapping into an existing behavior (habit)

Guests can explore data, trends, algorithms etc..

Revenue streams – sponsorship of debates

  • data investigations

  • replicate the model in multiple markets

Launch by May, monetizing by July

What is social impact on end user? End user is provided a trusted place where they can release their opinion and speak out privately.

  • RescYou:

Responding instantly to emergencies taking place. A single bridge interface that connects all applications together used.

Challenge responses to international SOS.

Can be used also by NGO, UN etc.

There are 2-3 companies that do this, but their business model is towards individuals, not corporates.

3- Equiliv: Workload not spread evenly, people work more than others in the company. Employees distribute workload to others who can help out during quiet times and get reward points.

  • Globeo: Journalism for the people, by the people. Articles, videos, photos are all tagged into a location or event and people can watch live streaming of events that are happening there. Connecting the world in a new way. Make money from advertising. Get people to find out about news that they wouldn’t have found out about otherwise.

  • iSitter: finding sitters for parents in no time. Most important feature is the live streaming where parents can see a livestream of their children through the iSitter. Connecting parents with credible baby sitters.

  • HeartPing – connects helpers to patients. Saves time, can get helpers to patients until the emergency unit comes. Monetizing from insurance companies, governments, NGOs, Donations. Saving people’s lives. Targeting dubai at first. AppleWatch or other watches can detect heart rates and send a notification to nearest helper.

  • LESA Live Emergency Services Assist: what would people do in case of emergencies around the world? LESA is real time support for emergencies. Based on location, the app gives you possible emergency units around you. Dispatch gives advice to the person who sent the emergency.

IDucate: how can people share live experiences, knowledge, with the youth, to guide them to become something when they grow up. Allow them to have an impact. Give classes, with questionnaires to evaluate how well you learned from that program. Money will be from paid programs. You can take part of the course for free, but if you want to go through the program then it is paid. Action Research.

Plan A: Providing lonely people with people around them who they can share things with people around them. Plan-A “make it happen”. Pilot strategy on crew, night life, house wives. KPI’s: people with new friends, return customers, people who are feeling less lonely.

EduFund (empowering student education): Students looking to fund their educations, how can they be helped? Through doing micro tasks on daily basis that they can get paid for. Escrow released after the tasks are completed. Cash on delivery can be done.

Partimo: A platform where students can look for tasks that can be done. Tasks based on degrees students are undertaking. There is no competition, because this isn’t for freelancers, interns, it's hourly tasks only such as events, promos.

Kirasa: To be simple and clear, Kirasa are creating the Arabic version of with a goal of training and educating Arabic speaking people in software, business, creative and all other types of skills.

The winners of HackaMena 2015 were HeartPing, and their prize was a paid trip to Milan where they will take place in Expo Milan and present their idea. We wish them the best of luck!


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