This is a summary of the challenges presented by Sponsors @HackAMena #Hack4impact event.



Pi Slice is a Crowd Lending Platform, it connects different Micro finance Institutions. These institutions list entrepreneurs approved for funding. This kind of a platform is the first of its kind in the middle-east.

Lending starts at 20$, the platform aggregate the money in order to approved entrepreneurs. Tenure is one year.

The Challenge:

MEA market is mostly Cash on Delivery, and Credit Card usage is still minimal. The highest credit card usage is through Mobile Platforms. Hence, to reach most online payers a mobile app with a great user experience is required. Details includes sorting, and filtering approved entrepreneurs profiles, finding the right profile and lending the money.


Vendedy is a social enterprise start up that is digitizing the Street Vending Industry via phone app technology. For the first time, street artisans can upload photos of their work online via mobile technology, await consumers to bid on their work within 1 to 2 weeks, drop off their products at centers and receive payment via an SMS once the order is delivered. Consumers can now access rural poor artisan designs that come with a story from over 150 countries.

The Challenge:

Build an Amazing App for Consumers to shop from Street Vendors.

Company International SOS

International SOS make it easier for organisations to work and grow on an international scale at Remote and Risky Locations providing assistance to Employees. They help providing Emergency health & safety services with easy access at remote & risky locations for business travelers.

The Challenge:

Currently all assistance is driven through one call center but they have multiple disconnected systems and different data sources for different services e.g. Air Ambulance Services Team use a different system than the ground resource team. Therefore communications is unstructured and there is a big room for misscommunications. The challenge is to build app that centralises the communication for consumers and different services providers and partners at the backend.

Furhtter, anything that assists business travelers travel better & safer is welcomed.


PWC is one of the largest consultancies in the world. It is a huge company with lots of professional busy people all around the globe in different timezones.

The Challenge:

Find a way to keep employees happy and achieving a better work life balance through better and optimised use of resources globally. Anything related to work/resource/time allocation in a shorter time period and move information faster accross different busy people real easy in different timezones is welcomed.

Success Criteria

Following are the success criteria to be assessed upon by judges:

1- Social Impact

2- Business Model

3- Prototype

4- Execution

5- Team Collaboration

Happy Hacking!!

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