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Being one of the 9 selected startups, KarmaSnap graduates from the very first cohort of Citrix Startup Accelerator- Bangalore.

Bangalore, India, March 9, 2015 – KarmaSnap, a Bangalore based startup working is the social impact sector graduated from the Citrix Startup Accelerator last week. Citrix, an American multinational software company started its Startup Accelerator in India last year and KarmaSnap was one among the 4 non-Citrix external teams selected to be part of the first cohort of the program.

Ram N, Founder and CEO of KarmaSnap shared information about the company and its mission to the audience from Indian startup ecosystem and NASSCOM delegates during the Demo Day held on 25th of February at JW Marriott. KarmaSnap, along with other external startup teams received $10,000 (INR 620,000) grant for the successful completion of the acceleration program.

“Citrix, with its long history of acquisitions has a number of entrepreneurs amongst its workforce and the company encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship within and beyond the company. Being part of the Startup Accelerator program run by such company adds a lot of value and we get to learn a lot in every step of the program” says Mahboob Imtiyaz, one of the four founding members of KarmaSnap

As a part of the well-structured Citrix Startup Accelerator program, KarmaSnap was provided access to mentors and resources from across the industry. These resources proved helpful for the company to re- evaluate the product and marketing strategy to suit the needs of the Indian market. Previously KarmaSnap was also part of TURN8 Accelerator. TURN8 is a Dubai based idea stage startup accelerator where KarmaSnap grew from an idea to a full-fledged product. As a part of TURN8 Accelerator program, the company had received a seed fund of $30,000 last year.

“Is your solution for real!” reacted a CSR lead for one of the MNCs in Bangalore when presented with KarmaSnap’s solution for CSR implementation and management during the program.

KarmaSnap, headquartered in Bangalore, India is a startup that builds tools to help create a greater social impact. KarmaSnap platform brings together all the stake holders of social good, viz. individuals, non- profit organizations, volunteer groups and CSR initiatives of for-profit companies. The company’s products help organizations create, manage and measure the impact of their fundraising and volunteer campaigns, whereas individuals can communicate and contribute their time and/or money towards the causes they believe in. KarmaSnap also provides CSR asset management solution for companies, helping them plan, implement and report their CSR initiatives.

The company has currently developed two tools, the namesake KarmaSnap and KarmaCrowd with more on its way.

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