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Bulleted Power Tips to be Great at Social Media!

This is a Bulleted Summary for a great book - The Art Of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki.


Succinctly The Art Of Social Media Book is a good and easy read with practical tips and great examples, a bit bullish and opinionated about certain topics but overall it makes sense.. We recommend it as a quick read and it will definitely add value especially if you're a beginner, light or medium user of Social Media.. It opens up your eyes for a greater easy to grab potential. We believe every entrepreneur should know about social media usage and principles and this book gives you that and more! Below is a summary for the most relevant points:

1- Figure out what your readers want to read, which is probably different than what you want them to read..

2- What kind of people you need to attract to make money

3- Editorial Calendar Options e.g. Hubspot Editorial Calendar, Buffer, Spriut Social, and Hootsuite -

4- Posts Scheduler e.g. Do Share, Hootsuite, Post Planner, Sprout Social + Zendesk

5- Editorial Calendar e.g. Stress Limit Wordpress Plugin

6- Re-Sharing is Caring! Share other people’s posts

7- Curation And Aggregation Services e.g. AllTop, The Big Picture, In Focus, Feedly, Flipboard, Futurity.Alltop, Google Scholar Search, HolyKaw, Klout, LinkedIn Influencer, smart brief, Ted, Stumble Upon, Public Twitter Lists, Google+, PinInterest with Board Members, Haso,

8- Keep a running list of things you need to share or to write about

9- Seize the Holiday/Event/Celebration and create content relating to that

10- Add RSS Feeds

11- Valuable Content Types: A- Information B- Analysis C- Assistance/Explanation D- Entertainment

12- Be Interesting and on brand

13- Be Bold and interesting, don't hesitate to express ur feelings and Agenda

14- Use a Picture with your post, makes it always more interesting e.g. you can use

15- Keep it simple, bulleted and organised posts..

16- Title Effectively, Straight to the Point & Simple (Short), Use Power Words

17- 3 Hashtags at a Time, don’t overdo it

18- Be Active, at Least 3 Posts Per Day, max 20, Don't Repeat - All posts must be Great! Not even one crappy

19- Share On Top of the Hour

20- Only Promote, Pay for Posts with a Call to Action e.g. Register, Attend, Pay Button

21- Review ur analytics - Facebook Analytics, LikeAlyzer, Social Bro

22- Be Curious and Experiment what works best for you

23- Use the right tools for comments e.g. save search on Twitter, Argyle Social,, Google Alerts,

24- Respond to good and bad comments, respond only once, consider the total audience of ur response, assume people are good until proven bad, don't take anything personal

25- Write guest posts, and ask relevant people in the industry to share it

26- Re-Purpose most popular blog posts and post them on slide-share

27- Join Blogging Networks e.g. Tribber

28- Embed your social media posts on ur Site

29- Meet people in real life, attending conferences and networking

30- Multiple Titles to Share the same blog, Create Multiple Images for the same post, Add a Question to Start Conversation on FB, share in relevant groups and communities

31- Event Social Media, Pre, In, Post

32- Use Hangouts on Air, useful

33- For Twitter Chats use Tchat, Twubs, TweetDeck - be audience driven, stay Q&A centric, send ur guests potential questions to prepare, type fast, @mention ur responses .. Summarize at the end of a tweet chat

34- Edufication and Sarcasm Comments are Ok

35- Don't ask for followers, share great content instead, subtle invitation by adding links are ok

36- Don't ask for re-shares, people will share if your post was good enough for them

37- Don't delegate Social Media to non-qualified interns, if you want to give it to interns, make sure you trains them on the right principles..and monitor execution!

38- There is a Template Book Launch Plan - Great Ideas, get the book to check it out!

Let us know what works for you best…

Happy Reading!

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