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Mobile Headphones Revamp - a Good Bad idea!

I am not sure if you face similar problems, mobile headphones are cumbersome to use, store and I keep losing them.

  • Ok cables are cumbersome.

  • Bluetooth headphones are great but Charging them is still cumbersome, who wants another charger and cable?!

  • Physical Storage of all kind of headphones is improving but not seamless yet


I still see lots of people using cable headphones, and that will probably be the case longterm… But I have a question, how many people use Mobiles with Keyboards today?! Where I live - in Dubai - I can’t remember seeing lots of people using Mobiles with Keyboards… Why? I believe the iPhone gave a fundamental change to the mobile market that changed in turn the behavior of every user over the past 8 years… I believe this is yet to happen for the ultimate mobile headphones.

Following are the most important features for the Ultimate Mobile Headphones to have - I believe the following features will make headphones so easy to use that everyone will want to have them:

  • Always Pluggable directly to your mobile device (laptop/Phone/Tablet etc…) e.g. you use them and then you store them on the device itself

  • While the Device is the Store Place, it is as well the Re-Charge place e.g. when the headphones are stored on the device, they are recharging

  • Of course wireless encrypted connectivity to your device e.g. Bluetooth or other technology whatever works best

Until this happens we are stuck.. let us know your thoughts on this!

#Ideas #DubaiTechStartups

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