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11 Mistakes Bite Back Experienced Java Developers!

A great article by Arun Kumaran, 11 Mistakes that Come Back to Bite Experience Java Developers, Following is a summary of the mistakes you can use as a checklist:

#1: Not externalizing configuration values in .properties or XML files.

#2: Not testing the application with the right volume of data.

#3: Naively assuming that external or other internal services that are invoked from your application is going to be reliable and always available.

#4: Not adhering to the bare minimum security requirements. Unsecured applications can not only adversely impact stability of an application, but also can tarnish an organization’s reputation due to data integrity issues like customer “A” being able to view customer “B’s” data.

#5: Not performing cross browser compatibility testing.

#6: Not externalizing business rules that are likely to change often.

#7: Not having proper documentation in the form of Unit tests with proper code coverage, Integration tests.

#8: Not having proper disaster recovery plans, system monitoring and archival strategies in place.

#9: Not designing Database tables with proper house keeping columns like created_datetm, update_datetm, created_by, updated_by and timestamp, and provision to logically delete records with columns like ‘deleted’ with ‘Y’ or ‘N’ values or record_status like ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’.

#10: Not having proper system backout plan to restore the system to its stable state before deployment if anything goes wrong.

#11: Not performing proper capacity planning at the beginning of the project.

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