DubaiTechStartups is a community project to Promote The Launch of More Technology Startups in Dubai.. We make it exciting and easy for Students, Coders, Entrepreneurs, Hackers to Learn, Connect & find all relevant Dubai Tech Startup information in one place in order to startup a technology business in Dubai. 

Because it is all about People, Youth, Energy, Human Capital we want to connect great people with shared interests in one place with great value to all.. Designed for Developers, Software Engineers, Programmers in Dubai and For Dubai. 

As we are a community startup ourselves our positioning is still evolving to find the "product market fit", we will talk to our readers and discover, learn and update our positioning as we progress to deliver the right content & services. As we stand our coverage include: 

1- Startups Education - Books Reviews, Reference Material, Online Courses... 
2- Interesting Ideas - Because ideas are free we share interesting and promising ideas. Remember it is all about Relentless Execution of a great team that turns an idea into a great product and a successful company. 
3- Coding & Product Building - Programming & Technology Trends, Latest Development Methodologies, Coding & Hackathons Events in Dubai 
4- Setup & Funding - Legal Entity & Equity Structure, Get Funded in Dubai, Team Building... 
5- DubaiTechStartups - We will provide coverage on most promising startups in Dubai and become a platform for their experiences and lesson learnt.


Let us all help make our cities a Tech Startup Hub!


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